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Artist Statement

I am exploring how my experiences are connected to everyday objects. In modern society,

we are surrounded by a variety of objects, and we unconsciously consume commodities of

our own choice on a daily basis. I believe that we make decisions about our clothing, food,

and everyday requirements based on a feeling of intimacy and sympathy with the products.

Unexpectedly, the mundane objects around me can trigger vivid nostalgia that causes

memories to flow through my mind in obscure fragments. These fragments replay in my

head, repeatedly, in specific situations, becoming malleable and animated. While imagining

a particular scene and transforming the object, I confront my own experience and engage in

a personal, ever-growing relationship with the object. The objects I chose to represent are

selected because they are close at hand because they are mine. Because their cheapness and proximity make them the most appropriate instruments for my work.

As a glass artist, it takes skill to take something as intangible as experience and reshape it

into glass art. However, no matter how much my technique improves, I know that I can do

better and that is why I fight with materials that allow me to endlessly accumulate

experience, which is my main theme. I always seek new invigoration and try to make

pieces that deepen thought and give off positive, curious feeling.

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