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Out of kiln project 2018
60 seconds
Performer: Eriko Kobayashi, Assistant: Staci Katsisd, Sounds effects by iMovie

This movie is a production movie of "Screen Addiction”.

Hand made pipe challenge 2015
38 seconds
Filmed by Masako Yonezawa, Performer Eriko Kobayashi, Sounds effects by iMovie

I made a pipe of blown glass with a honeycomb shape at the end of the pipe.
I tried asking why the blown glass pipe had only one hole.

Third Thursday at the Chrysler Glass Studio, Featuring the Studio Assistants
Four Right Turn 2017

4 mins 1 second
Assistants: Aliya Zafar, Claire Cadorette, Charles Manion, Eriko Kobayashi, Leana Quade, Liz Zumpano, Meghan Fee, Nicolas Held
Music by Floating teeth
Filmed and edited by Echard Wheeler

Group performance by Chrysler Art Museum of Glass Studio assistants, fall session 2017

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