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Gum and happiness, in my opinion, are parallel experiences. The gum flavor is strong at first, and as soon as you start to chew it, you start to feel good. The flavor is very strong at first and makes you happy when you bite into it, but the more you chew, the more the flavor fades. When I first came to Seattle, a visit to the Gum Wall stimulated me with many sensations of scents, and sights. Each individual piece of gum is a marker of a life passing by.  I normally pass by without recognizing how many people have come and gone.  I enjoy the fact that many people visit the place and leave their traces on the wall, where I can visualize the invisible and experience the time people spent there.  As an artist, the act of making objects helps to crystalize an idea into a lasting perspective.  I want to leave behind the happiness of not rotting, thankful that I am in Seattle and that I can make this gum wall.

Title: Chewy Thoughts

Year created: 2023

Dimensions: H24 x W48x D5 inch

Materials used, technique: Borosilicate glass, Flameworking

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