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I went on a trip to Hawaii with my family when I was little. At that time, the colorful and unique tastes of the sweets I encountered there were very special to me. After came back to Japan, I ate them little by little and they were very special and expensive for me.


I could only buy foreign sweets in Japan at specific stores at that time, and when I was little, I had to go with my mother to get them. What was all special to me when I was little has now become normal.


Gummy bears were one of the candies of my dreams. This is my American dream I feel.


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Title: Gummy Bear Box

​Date: Jan, 2021

Size: H11.5 x W11 x D11 inch

Matelial: Soft Glass

Title: Sweet American Dream

​Date: Dec, 2020

Size: H44 x W82 x D 0.5 inch

Material: Clear Vinyl, Resin

Title: Gummy Bear balloon

​Date: Feb, 2021

Size: About H9 x W6 x D7 inch each

Material: Soft glass

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