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Title: Diamond Box

​Date: May, 2023

Size: H12 x W12 x D12 inch

Matelial: Soft Glass

In the spring of 2023 I received a 4 week artist in residency award from The Corning Museum of Glass.  I created a bronze diamond mold prior to arriving at Corning in order to take full advantage of the excellent facility and technicians who would aid me in seeing my vision through from concept to a completed sculptural work.  I was able to cast multiple versions of my diamond in a number of different colors which was important for the execution of my concept.  I was able to cast over 1500 individual diamonds that I would then use to make my completed sculpture.  The diamond for me represents nostalgic memories from my past that have been knit together to form the narrative of my life. 

During the second half of my residency I worked to create finished sculptures by using over 200 individual diamonds for the completed cube shapes.  These cubes are collections of memories from my past fused together to create one solid form.  As a small child I was always drawn to the mystery of my mothers closet.  Plastic transparent bins filled the space, packed and categorized with objects of significance for my mother.  We are all collections of memories.  Witnessing how my mother worked to organize the things important to her is the inspiration for my desire to create these works

Title: On the track

Date: 2023

Size: H12 x W12 x D12 inch

Title: Recreation

Date: 2023

Size: H8 x W10 x D10 inch

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