A vase is a familiar art to decorate the instantaneous beauty of flowers. For me, a vase is something to decorate the moment. This concept of a vase fits the part of decorating my memories.

     In the morning when I stayed at an American friend's house, my friend wrapped bacon in kitchen paper and put it in the microwave to make crispy bacon. I was shocked. The shock turned into a vase in me. The vase as an ornament decorates my feelings at that time. Bacon becomes a vase is a shock and causes a sense of surrealism, I cooked bacon that I think of, just as different people cook bacon differently. Bacon and sunny side eggs are the symbols of breakfast and I decorated the space with sunny side egg flowers.

​Date: Oct, 2020 
Size: H26 x W10 x D10 inch

©2021 by Eriko Kobayashi

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