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    Yellow calls to me - it arouses my curiosity and attention, it inspires me to construct my universe...  


I am exploring how people are attracted to objects. In modern society, we are surrounded by a plethora of things, and we unconsciously consume commodities of our own choice on a daily basis. Unexpectedly, the mundane objects around me can trigger vivid nostalgia that causes memories to flow through my mind in obscure fragments. In specific situation, these fragments may replay in my head, repeatedly, becoming malleable and animated. By transforming the object while imagining a particular scene, I confront my own experience and engage in a personal, ever-growing relationship with the object. In the confrontation of these instantly recognizable objects found throughout Yellow, I invite the viewer to actively engage with their own experiences, memories, and connections to the obscured, mundane objects before them.


For most of us, color has a vast impact on our living experience. During every waking hour, every interaction, and every instant our eyes absorb light; we perceive the world around us through a mirage of identifiable color. I believe that each person has a favorite color and that color can be used to reflect one's personality, mood, and emotions. I see the world through the lens of color and utilize the symbolic significance of colors as a means of communication. Today, regardless whether it has a good or bad connotation, yellow is undoubtedly a focus of attention. I hope that my work always captivates people's interest and provides them joy and warmth. Immersing individuals in a fabricated yellow world provides a more direct and memorable experience, as well as a powerful stimulation.  

- Egg clouds              

For me, a sunny-side up egg is an icon that celebrates the morning. Each morning, when I crack an egg and drop it into a hot pan, a unique shape emerges in white with a sizzling sound. Every day, the egg white appears to repeat itself, yet it never takes the same shape. To me, it seems as a cloud, the shape of the clouds in the sky is never the same. Cracking an egg, smelling it, and seeing its white and yellow yolk floating in the pan quickly lifts my spirits.


- American cheese toast                

I enjoy the happiness that comes from letting the morning sun and the smell of toast hit my senses. What adds to my joy is the moment when the cheese stretches after I take a bite of toast. When the cheese begins to soften and stretch, I am delighted. If the cheese is not on top of the toast, I feel like something is missing, like my toast has fallen apart. Jam is acceptable on occasion, but cheese, in my opinion, completes my dream of toast.


- Tumblepencils              

I had grammar and terminology running through my mind as I was learning English. Once I heard it, I soon forgot it and tried to memorize it repeatedly. For me, the pencil is the object that represents time and knowledge, and the knowledge that I have studied rolls around in my head and grows roots and plants itself in my brain. I would like to accumulate many of these tumble pencils in my head. 

- Rulers              

An elementary school teacher made us all keep our posture straight by placing it between our spine and clothes. Since I came to the U.S., I've seen a lot of yellow rulers, which is a little different from the rulers I remember, but the reason I'm here now is to challenge myself to be more open-minded, as I'm not comfortable with the forced atmosphere of conformity and convention in Japan, and I question the many rules. Just as there are many different spine shapes, I want to wear a “natural” shape ruler.    


- Rubber chickens                

In my memory of rubber chicken, I was an undergraduate when it first became popular in Japan, and I remember being surprised when I suddenly noticed a big number of them hanging from store shelves and being sold in enormous amounts. The enormous quantity of them caused me to be confused as to what this form was that drew my attention and forced me to squeeze. Even though they are usually hung in large groups, it is an experience to pick one of them out and hold it in one's hand. With the use of glass, I am able to erase the sound of rubber chickens and emphasize their individuality by giving each one a unique look.

​Date: April 2022
Location: University Mall, Carbondale, Illinois

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